How to Use Smileys in Texts?

Answer Text abbreviations and smileys are an amusing way to communicate and express emotion using shortened characters. Smileys are easy to incorporate into your list of text abbreviations either using an... Read More »

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How do I add smileys on MSN?

Open your web browser and go to a website that offers free emoticons for MSN such as My Emoticons, MessengerFreak, or MSNemoticons (See Resources.) Select your icon and click on it to begin the dow... Read More »

How to Read Smileys?

Ever get an email or text with some weird symbols in it and you don't understand what the person is trying to say or what it means? The person could be sending you a little smiley! Here's a helpful... Read More »

How to Put Little Smileys Beside Your Name on Facebook?

Facebook allows you to reconnect with old friends, find lost family members, update your friends on the latest events in your life, and post photos, videos and music. You can also link Facebook to ... Read More »

How to Get Cooler Smileys on AIM?

Scott E. Fahlman, a research professor at Carnegie Mellon, claims partial responsibility for the advent of the modern "emoticon," or "smiley." Fahlman often found the serious nature of many of 980'... Read More »