How to Use Skype on a Mac With iPhone Earbuds?

Answer Skype is a popular calling feature which not only allows you to hear someone, But you can see them too. If you are thinking about buying a separate headset with microphone, you can save money by us... Read More »

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How to Use iPhone Earbuds as a Bluetooth?

If you dislike wires running from your headphones to the Apple iPhone, you are in luck because there are Bluetooth earbuds available for the device. This allows you to listen to your music without ... Read More »

My iPhone 4s won't work with my new Skullcandy earbuds?

Do the skullcandy FMJ Mic'd earbuds work for any phone or just the iphone and blackberry?

I bought them for about 50 dollars which means they would be around 500 pesos give or take.

Where would I find a splitter for the iPhone microphone and remote earbuds?

3 hours straight is not good but it wont ruin your ears. Try not to listen to headphones all day. This will hurt your ears.