How to Use Simple Green to Remove Automotive Paint?

Answer Automotive paint can get transferred to several different types of surfaces such as clothes, towels, carpets, and floors. Simple Green is a product known to remove a multitude of different types of... Read More »

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How to Remove Pine Sap From Automotive Paint?

Pine sap is given off in large quantities by sick or injured trees, and it can drip on windows, cars and other items located nearby. Sap is exceptionally dangerous for cars as it can wear away the... Read More »

How to Remove Runs in Automotive Paint?

Runs in the paint of a newly painted vehicle can be seen once the paint has completely dried. They are unsightly and can show up on almost any surface of the vehicle. Rather than sanding and repain... Read More »

How to Remove Overspray From Automotive Paint?

A perfect paint job on a car can be seemingly ruined by overspray landing on the surface. Overspray is small drops of paint that have landed on a surface that it was not intended. This means that t... Read More »

How to Remove Paint From Automotive Finishes?

Paint spilled or deliberately sprayed on your vehicle (due to vandalism) presents an interesting challenge for removal. You must be able to remove the paint without removing the factory finish as w... Read More »