How to Use Safety Wire Pliers?

Answer Areas of your engine that endure high amounts of stress and vibration, like the transmission, but that have little means available for you to lock the bolts into place, are places where you want to... Read More »

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How to Use Wire Twist Pliers?

Wire twist pliers are used to twist together either pairs of wires or joined ends of a single, looped piece of wire. The pliers' twirling action twists the wires tightly together. Wire twist pliers... Read More »

How to Use a Safety Wire Twister?

A safety wire twister, or safety wire pliers, is a tool used to rapidly and consistently twist and secure safety wire. Used in aviation and racing, safety wire secures fasteners to prevent them fro... Read More »

How to Use a Twister Tool for Safety Wire?

A twister tool, or safety wire twister, for safety wire is used to twist and tighten safety wire around fasteners. Safety wire is used around bolt heads and nuts in applications where there is no m... Read More »

How to Wire Tractor Safety Lights?

Tractor accidents account for nearly 25 percent of all agricultural-related deaths. The reasons for accidents and subsequent deaths often include disconnecting built-in safety devices, front-end lo... Read More »