How to Use SQL Profiler 101?

Answer SQL Profiler is the graphical user interface used for monitoring the performance of the T-SQL statements in SQL Server, the relational database management system offered by Microsoft. You can use i... Read More »

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How to Become an FBI Profiler?

When you teach forensic psychology, the question students ask the most is how do I become a profiler? This question also appears on the frequently asked questions section of the FBI website.Given t... Read More »

What is a criminal profiler?

Criminal profilers have existed since the 1880s and the days of serial killer, Jack the Ripper. Their tools include strong analytical and observational skills, knowledge of forensic science and tra... Read More »

Profiler Job Description?

The term "criminal profiling" refers to the branch of forensic psychology that deals with the psychological assessment of people suspected of criminal acts. Though criminal profilers have been glam... Read More »

How to Become a Jury Profiler?

Jury profilers, sometimes known as jury consultants, work in a hybrid field of forensic psychology and law. A jury profiler will use scientific knowledge to help the defense team select a jury that... Read More »