How to Use SPF When Indoor Tanning?

Answer Indoor tanning is typically accomplished through the use of tanning beds or tanning booths, which use fluorescent lamps that emit ultraviolet (UVA) radiation. The exposure to the UVA radiation caus... Read More »

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Do You Need Lotion When Indoor Tanning?

Tanning beds are a popular alternative to tanning outside, especially during the winter months when there is less sun. However, indoor tanning can cost a significant amount of money if used regular... Read More »

Do You Need to Put on Lotion When Indoor Tanning?

Whether or not you should put on lotion when indoor tanning is a personal choice based on several factors such as why you are tanning in an indoor tanning bed. Before choosing to use an indoor tan... Read More »

What to Wear When Indoor Tanning?

Tanning indoors can be a relaxing experience. A few minutes to yourself can make all the difference in allowing you to gather your thoughts and just have some solid downtime. Don't let what you're ... Read More »

How dangerous is indoor tanning if you have been tanning and just found out you are pregnant?

%REPLIES% Answer In a tanning bed, the ultraviolet rays enter your body and reflect off of each other (similar to a microwave). Hopefully everything is alright, but I would not continue tanning for... Read More »