How to Use Right Triangles to Measure Buildings?

Answer Trigonometry is a division of mathematics that measures triangle sides and angles, and uses theories and equations to solve for missing components in those triangles. Trigonometry has many practica... Read More »

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How to Find & Measure Angles for Triangles?

All triangles contain three angles. If the angles all have the same measurement -- 60 degrees -- it is an equilateral triangle, whereas a right triangle has one angle of 90 degrees that forms the s... Read More »

How to Find X in Right Triangles?

In trigonometry, right angles are triangles with one of its angles equal to 90 degrees. This is the largest angle, and it is opposite to the longest side in the triangle. Furthermore, the sum of th... Read More »

How to Find Similar Right Triangles?

Similar right triangles are triangles that have congruent angles and proportional sides, which means that both triangles are composed of the same angles but one triangle has sides larger or smaller... Read More »

Activities on Special Right Triangles?

Students studying geometry may be frustrated to find that they have to memorize several special right triangles, which have sides and angles in a given ratio to one another. However, these special ... Read More »