How to Use Retinol Creams?

Answer Retinol, a form of topical vitamin A, is a proven wrinkle-fighter. However, since it is such a strong combatant in the anti-aging wars, it must be used carefully and correctly in order to make sure... Read More »

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Eye Creams That Contain Vitamin K & Retinol?

Vitamin K and retinol are active ingredients found in skin care products, including eye creams. These ingredients address two problems, wrinkling and discoloration, associated with aging skin arou... Read More »

Difference Between Retinol and Retinol SA?

The beauty aisles of drug and department stores are filled with products claiming to diminish the signs of aging. As skin ages, it loses the elasticity, fullness and clarity that characterizes youn... Read More »

Why do people who invent these "miraculous" skin creams and de-aging creams et.. not use them themselves?

Not all look like you describe. Many are relatively young, attractive models, movie stars, celebrities and the like who are in the business solely because it's so lucrative. They obviously do not u... Read More »

What is Retinol Used for?

Retinol has been used as a major active ingredient in skin-care products since the late 1990s. Retinol represents the topical, natural form of vitamin A, which the skin needs to function properly a... Read More »