How to Use RTV Sealant?

Answer Room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) sealant cures with exposure to air. With no special curing requirements, RTV sealant has a wide range of home, automotive and industrial applications, but is not ... Read More »

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What is RTV sealant?

RTV stands for "room temperature vulcanizing." These sealants form a complete seal between two pieces of material. RTV sealants are used in a variety of industries from automotive to electronics.Ty... Read More »

Car Polish Vs. Sealant?

It can be overwhelming walking down an aisle of car exterior products. With dozens of different car polishes, waxes and sealants, choosing the right one can be confusing. Polishes, which typically ... Read More »

Can I dip cut flowers in sealant?

You can dip cut flowers in a sealant. You can also purchase sealants in a spray bottle, allowing you to mist the buds instead of dipping them. Floral sealants will keep the buds from turning brown ... Read More »

Do I really need a paint sealant for my car?

Paint sealants are alternatives to car waxes. Many people neither wax nor seal the paint finish on their cars. Applying paint sealant is a choice based on the climate and conditions under which you... Read More »