How to Use Procedure in a Sentence?

Answer The Merriam-Webster Internet Dictionary defines the noun "procedure" in several ways. A procedure can be a specific way of acting or doing something, a series of steps in a formal order, or a tradi... Read More »

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Procedure for an Evacuation?

Evacuation procedures are developed to avoid confusion and injury in times of emergency. The key elements of an evacuation include defining the conditions that will begin execution of the procedure... Read More »

What Is the Ace Procedure?

The ACE Procedure is also known as the Antegrade Continent Enema procedure. It is an alternative way to give an enema and can be an option for children who need long term enema therapy.

Tig Welding Procedure?

The various types of welding processes are distinguished from one another by the manner in which they create the welded material. One process uses a flame-torch, another a combustible metal rod, an... Read More »

Procedure for Changing Oil?

Despite the constant argument that takes place around the country, science has proved that not changing your oil every 3,000 miles is not good for your engine and can lead to major damage. Engine o... Read More »