How to Use Problem-Based Learning with Spanish Verbs?

Answer Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is a process in which students work together to solve real world problems and reflect on their experiences. Students are responsible for their own learning; they ident... Read More »

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Fun Activities for Learning Spanish Reflexive Verbs?

Help your students to remember the forms and meanings of Spanish reflexive verbs by using some creative and memorable activities and games. Look for ways to help students remember the meaning of ne... Read More »

How to Use Problem-Based Learning in the Classroom?

Teachers now implement problem-based learning (PBL) at all levels of education for various fields of study. This educational approach is intrinsically motivating because it puts students in charge ... Read More »

What Are Commanding Verbs in Spanish?

All Spanish verbs have a mandato or command form. Spanish speakers and writers use these forms to address others directly and give them commands or orders. Since these forms can only be used for di... Read More »

How to Conjugate Spanish "Ar" Verbs?

One of the most important parts of learning Spanish is knowing how to conjugate verbs to match the subject pronoun. This article will teach you the rule for conjugating all verbs ending in -ar.