How to Use Pro Forma in a Sentence?

Answer Pro forma is Latin for "For the sake of the form." It has two definitions according to The first is something that is carried out as a formality. The second is information that is p... Read More »

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What are pro forma reports?

The term pro forma comes from Latin meaning “as a matter of form.” A pro forma report may have hypothetical data or assumptions, such as including data from a recent acquisition in a financial ... Read More »

What is pro forma accounting?

Pro forma accounting is a useful tool for any business. Understanding what this type of accounting is will help you unlock its potential and grow your business well into the future.FunctionPro form... Read More »

What are pro forma disclosures?

Pro forma is a Latin term meaning "for the sake of form." In the investing world, in which the term is most commonly used, it is used to describe a projection of past, present and future financial ... Read More »

What is a pro forma session?

A pro forma session of Congress is a protocol used by both the House of Representatives and the Senate to satisfy obligations regarding the number of meetings each house must hold before going into... Read More »