How to Use Powers of Ten for Multiplying & Division?

Answer Traditional math uses base 10, or the decimal system. A power of 10 is a collection of 10 numbers, beginning with a group of 10 ones equaling 10. In turn, 10 tens equal a hundred, 10 one-hundreds e... Read More »

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How to Check a Division Problem by Multiplying?

Division problems can be difficult when you are still learning how to perfect the technique. One thing you must know to get good at division is whether you are working the problem correctly. This c... Read More »

Games for Multiplying Fractions?

Fractions are usually a tricky concept for young students to master, but games are a great way for students to practice fractions once they understand the basic algorithms necessary to compute the ... Read More »

Tricks for Multiplying Numbers?

Multiplying numbers by hand can be tedious but is often necessary when doing math in real-world situations where a calculator is not available. Whether you are just learning your multiplication tab... Read More »

How to Use Multiplying by One to Find an Expression?

Multiplying by one is a useful technique for solving difficult rational expressions with multiple terms. In order to solve for the variable, you first need to rewrite the expressions as a single fr... Read More »