How to Use Polyurethane Glue on a Boat?

Answer Polyurethane glue is used extensively with woodworking. Polyurethane can fill gaps, bond different materials, is waterproof and can be stained. When using polyurethane glue for boats, find a glue t... Read More »

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What type of glue should i use to glue a windshield frame on a boat?

In most cases, 3M 4200 glue will work. This glue is especially designed for marine applications. It allows for flexible, watertight bonds between wood, fiberglass, plastics and metals. However, do ... Read More »

What glue do you use to lay boat carpet down?

When you're putting new carpet into your boat, use a waterproof marine adhesive to glue the carpet down, whether you're gluing it directly to the deck or gluing it to sub-flooring that you will att... Read More »

Can you put an oil based polyurethane over the top of water-borne polyurethane?

Yes, but the older finish must be completely dry before applying the new oil based top coat. For furniture use fine steel wool to remove the glossy surface from the old finish to ensure proper adh... Read More »

How to Remove a Boat from a Trailer with a Portable Boat Lift?

Lift, add stands, removeHow to Remove a Boat from a Trailer? This is an inherently arduous and dangerous task and should not be attempted without thorough knowledge of the tools needed and the mech... Read More »