How to Use Polynomials in the Business World?

Answer Polynomials are used in the business world in dozens of situations. Polynomials -- algebraic expressions made with constants, variables and exponents -- can be used to forecast sales trends, develo... Read More »

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Top World Business Universities?

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How Is Microsoft Used in the Business World?

Microsoft Corporation is the largest computer technology firm in the world and markets a range of network, programming and application software products and services to the business community. The ... Read More »

Traditional Values in the Business World?

Traditional business values can either stand apart or blend in with the newest generation of business values. It depends on your perspective. Some old-school values are still evident in a company's... Read More »

How has the iPad 2 imapcted the business world?

They use the same operating system and can run many of the same apps. Using iCloud, you can share the same data over the net. They are separate computers, so they are not integrated in the sense of... Read More »