How to Use Pipes in Title Tags?

Answer The proper use of title tags on your website is critical for successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Since Google and other major search engines limit the number of characters to 70 in the tit... Read More »

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How to Create SEO and Audience Friendly Title Tags?

The title tag wins your rankings, as they say it’s still the undisputed and ever consistent factor in search engine rankings. It really takes skill and ability to achieve that rare blend of an op... Read More »

How Can We Renew Auto Tags Without a Title or Renewal Notice in Texas?

To avoid costly tickets issued to drivers with expired tags, renew your tags as early as possible. For most people, this means renewing their tags when they get their renewal notice in the mail, bu... Read More »

Why are army identification tags called dog tags?

The military's use of dog tags came surprisingly late in the history of American warfare. The dog tag is so named because of their obvious resemblance to the identification tags given to domesticat... Read More »

Are meta tags the same as Hn tags on web pages?

Meta tags are part of the header of a web pag1e and are not displayed in the web browser. They are used to describe the page to search engines and other programs. Hn tags (h1, h2, etc) are used to ... Read More »