How to Use Peroxide to Remove Ear Wax?

Answer Although you can buy kits over-the-counter to remove ear wax buildup, you can also effectively remove ear wax using simple items you may have on hand already. There are two levels of ear wax remova... Read More »

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How to Remove a Hair Dye Peroxide Mix?

Hair dye used to alter the color of hair permanently or semi-permanently uses a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, bleach and hair dye to accomplish its task. The peroxide and bleach strips the hair str... Read More »

What Stains Can Peroxide Remove From Clothes?

Hydrogen peroxide is a handy little bottle to store alongside your detergent and fabric softener in the laundry room. It's an eco-friendly way to get some stains out of clothing and a natural, chea... Read More »

How do I remove carpet stains with peroxide?

Pour hydrogen peroxide onto the stain. Make sure it fully covers the carpet stain.Wait 15 minutes for the hydrogen peroxide to work its way into the stain.Rinse the area with water, and then place ... Read More »

How to Remove Ink From Paper Using Acetone Peroxide?

If you've accidentally ink stained a valuable book or painting, you may be wondering what kind of ink removal method works best. You may also have stamped an important document with the wrong date ... Read More »