How to Use Peristaltic Pumps for Fast Changes?

Answer Peristaltic pumps are widely used in chemistry to provide a means of transferring a liquid from one location to another. Instrumentation also makes use of peristaltic pumps to bring solutions toget... Read More »

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What does it mean when your heart beats/pumps really fast 3x in a row?

It could mean that its time for you to have a check up with a Real Doctor who could tell you what might REALLY be wrong rather than a heap of "experts" on the net who know nothing about most things.

Gas pump warning! HIV Positive needles are being placed on handles of gas pumps. Be carefully and check pumps!?

This urban myth surfaces every couple of years - don't freak out.

Did pumps get her bfp, does any1 know?

oo thanks hun! How lovely of you!ive been testing with internet cheapies and getting BFN but still NO period! So il go buy a branded hpt to day I think!I defo will let you know if i get any good ne... Read More »

Why Do Fuel Pumps Go Bad?

Most used car owners are required to replace many parts of their automobiles, including the fuel pump. Though all parts will with time need replacing, an effort can be made to extend the life of a ... Read More »