How to Use Parentheses in Titles?

Answer Parentheses are half moon brackets that enclose additional information within a sentence. Since they are usually used to enclose information that is not necessary to make the sentence work and titl... Read More »

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What Song Titles Would Make Great Movie Titles?

Cool and creative question question :0Horror: * Time of Dying - By Three Days Grace* Let the Bodies hit the floor - By Drowning pool* Escape - Our Last Night* In the belly of a shark - Gallows* Rai... Read More »

How to Do an Internet Parentheses Citation in MLA?

The MLA style uses the "author-and-page number" format for citing resources in the text. This usually works well for printed materials such as books and journals. However, with the Intenet changing... Read More »

How to Solve Parentheses Inequalities?

An inequality is an equation where the equal sign has been replaced with a less-than sign, or "." When a parentheses exist in an inequality, you should follow the order of operations as with an equ... Read More »

How to End a Sentence With Parentheses?

Parentheses enable a writer to offset additional information from the rest of a sentence. You might place descriptions or explanatory clauses in parentheses. If the parenthetical clause comes at th... Read More »