How to Use Paintbrush With Epic Mickey?

Answer The paintbrush is the main tool used by Mickey Mouse in Disney's "Epic Mickey." You play as Mickey Mouse himself, and you have been swept away into a cartoon wasteland. Use your paintbrush to wield... Read More »

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How much does epic mickey cost?

On Amazon it can cost 39.99. I got it for Christmas and it is AWESOME!

How to Get Rid of a Hopper in "Epic Mickey"?

In "Epic Mickey," a hopper is one of the more advanced enemies you will meet as you travel through the Wasteland. The first hopper appears after you complete the Mickeyjunk Mountain section of the ... Read More »

How to Find the Paint in "Disney Epic Mickey"?

In Disney's "Epic Mickey" for the Nintendo Wii, you must navigate Mickey Mouse through a world falling apart. Mickey's main weapons are paint and paint thinner, which he can use to remove obstacles... Read More »

How to Kill the Mechanical Apples in "Epic Mickey"?

Beetleworx are mechanical creatures that make up the bulk of the enemies you must fight in "Epic Mickey." They come in four forms: Tankers, Spinners, Hoppers and Bashers. The Tankers are the strong... Read More »