How to Use PVC Pipes for Water Distribution Inside a Building?

Answer PVC pipe that supplies water to fixtures such as showers, sinks and toilets, is made out of a plastic called CPVC. The pipes are usually 1/2 or 3/4-inch in diameter, and are connected using PVC cou... Read More »

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Who do you contact if a condo has been abandoned by the owner pre-foreclosure and the pipes froze causing major water damage that affects the entire building?

The first contact should be to your master insurance policy carrier.Two duties are involved: one, a duty to repair; and second, a duty to pay for the repair.The insurance carrier can help the assoc... Read More »

When pipes become blocked with lime scale in a hard water area is there anything that can be put through the pipes to unblock them?

According to me the pool should be cleaned thoroughly so that it is hygienically safe for the the people using the pool.The dead bird should be removed immediately & disopsed.

How do I keep slime from building up in drain pipes?

Run the water in a faucet until it is as hot as it gets. Fill a bucket with a gallon of the hot water. Pour in 1 cup of bleach.Pour the mixture down the drain.Repeat this process at least once a we... Read More »

How to Keep Slime From Building Up in Drain Pipes?

Drain pipes are one of those things that most people don't give much thought until the day that the water just sits in the sink or the bath tub without moving. Clogged pipes and the gunk inside the... Read More »