How to Use Oxi Clean on Colors?

Answer Washing laundry in hot water and adding bleach is a traditional way to get whites sparkling and free of dirt and grime. When it comes to colors, getting your clothes as clean as you want without d... Read More »

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How can I clean my LCD monitor <my little son draw on it with colors!!!!>?

The screen coating is durable but you should never use abrasives or heavy chemicals. A damp soft cloth should be enough in most cases. If you DO use alcohol then you should test it in a corner firs... Read More »

My inkjet printer has muddied colors and visible color lines on things printed, how can I best clean it?

Your ink cartridge is low, empty or possibly cloggedFirst step is to see will if it print a test pageGo to Start, settings, printers. Right click on the printer, properties, print test page. If tha... Read More »

What Are the Colors Obtained by Mixing Equal Parts of Two Primary Colors?

All colors are created by mixing two or more of the three primary colors, red, yellow and blue. When equal parts of all three primary colors are mixed together, a neutral color such as gray is prod... Read More »

What Are the Secondary Colors When the Primary Colors of Light Are Combined?

Secondary colors are created when two primary colors are mixed together. The intensity of the secondary color you obtain depends on the proportions used when you mixed the primary hues. Red and yel... Read More »