How to Use Olive Oil to Remove a Scar?

Answer One of nature's most comprehensive and effective products is olive oil. It's known for its ability to heal and mend various parts of the body, including dry skin, stretch marks and scars. Whether y... Read More »

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Homemade Olive Oil Scar Fading Cream Recipe?

Scarring due to acne, wounds and surgeries can make you feel uncomfortable, especially if the scar is on your face or another visible area. Instead of purchasing expensive, chemically processed sca... Read More »

How to Remove a Pit Scar?

Whether your acne is temporary or chronic, it can leave you with unsightly pit scars. Unfortunately, pit scars are permanent, but they can be treated to practically render them invisible. The type ... Read More »

How to Remove a Dark Scar?

Scar fading creams, vitamin E oil or cocoa butter can help reduce the appearance of dark scars. You can combine all three treatments, or use them separately depending upon the darkness of the scar ... Read More »

How can i remove my scar on my skin - naturally?

get plastic surgery it's the only way.