How to Use Oil as a Face Moisturizer or Cleanser?

Answer The natural way to achieve healthy glowing skin is by exfoliating dead skin cells that build up, which make skin look dull and feel dry and flaky. Exfoliating scrubs can be made with one of many oi... Read More »

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DIY Face Moisturizer?

Whether your skin is dry, oily, normal or some combination of the three, moisturizer is a good thing. Moisturizer hydrates the skin and, depending on what you put into it, will help heal, soften or... Read More »

Homemade Face Cleanser?

Inexpensive, homeopathic face cleansers leave your skin feeling spa-soft and hydrated. Everything you need is likely sitting in your kitchen cabinets already. Exfoliating oatmeal, enzyme-rich yogur... Read More »

How to Choose Cleanser for a Dry Face?

The stores are filled with hundreds of beauty products, from cleansers to toners, moisturizers to wrinkle-preventers and more. Choosing a cleanser for dry skin is an important first-step in any dai... Read More »

Ingredients in Face Moisturizer?

Ingredients in face moisturizer are extremely important to our skin's biochemistry. While we all have different types of skin, whether dry, oily, combination or sensitive, all of the best skin and... Read More »