How to Use Nitrogen to Remove Undercoating?

Answer The undercoating of a car is a dark, tar-like substance applied to the undercarriage to prevent rusting, reduce sound and reduce emissions. On many older cars, the undercoating becomes covered in d... Read More »

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How to Remove Rubberized Undercoating?

Rubberized undercoatings are meant to protect parts of the vehicle on the undercarriage from rocks, salt and other objects that might damage it while you're driving. However, if you don't want to h... Read More »

How to Remove Age Spots With Liquid Nitrogen?

Age spots are caused by the extra production of melanin, which is the dark pigment that gives our skin its color. This can happen because of sun damage or old age. Using liquid nitrogen has proved ... Read More »

What do nitrogen fixing bacteria do to nitrogen?

Nitrogen fixing bacteria change nitrogen from the air into nitrogen compounds such as ammonia, nitrate, and nitrogen dioxide. They do so, through two living arrangements. One's as free living bacte... Read More »

What holds a molecule of nitrogen gas to another nitrogen?

Two nitrogen atoms combine to form a single molecule of nitrogen gas through the formation of three covalent bonds, one sigma and two pi. The atoms share six electrons creating a strong bond, and t... Read More »