How to Use Negative Numbers to Calculate in Excel?

Answer Microsoft Excel spreadsheets can handle inventory: what you have, what you had, what you sold and what you have left. You can input figures into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and subtract a number... Read More »

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How to Calculate Negative Square Numbers?

When you square a number, you multiply it by itself. It is synonymous with raising a number to the second power, as you do with an exponent. So, if you have 3^2, then it means 3 * 3. If you want to... Read More »

How to Get the Average With Negative Numbers?

An average (also known as the mean) is the sum of "x" numbers, divided by "x." Thus, if you have three numbers -- for example, 3, 1 and -3 -- you would add them together and then divide by three. I... Read More »

How to Divide Negative Numbers?

Division forms part of the set of basic operations of arithmetic. It allows you to see how many times one number fits into another number. This operation can be performed with only two numbers at a... Read More »

How to Factor Negative Numbers?

Negative numbers factor similarly to positive numbers but the process is slightly different. A negative number will always have one negative factor. The number of factors for a negative number will... Read More »