How to Use Nail Hardener?

Answer Long fingernails are often sought after, leading many women to spend big bucks on acrylics week after week. The downside to acrylic nails is that they weaken the natural nail and can even cause inf... Read More »

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Does nail hardener make fingernails grow faster?

On One Hand: Yes, they grow fasterNails can be brittle, short, weak and constantly breaking. One solution to this problem is to use a fingernail hardener. The nail hardener can make nails smoother,... Read More »

How to Mix Mipa Paint Hardener?

When painting your car, using vehicle paint mixed with Mipa hardener can give you the perfect viscosity needed to make your car paint both durable and attractive. The hardener is a key part of the ... Read More »

How to Pull a Nail Using the Nail Jack or Nail Hunter?

Reuse wood that would otherwise be sent to the landfill. The Nail Jack and Nail Hunter are tools that accelerate fastener removal from walls, floors, lumber, roofs and other surfaces clean and effi... Read More »

The Ratio of Hardener to Polyester Resin?

Polyester resin is recommended for use with fiberglass repairs that are above the water line on boats and also on other dry-surface fiberglass forms such as auto bodies and models. When preparing t... Read More »