How to Use Mylar As a Scarecrow?

Answer Your garden may look like a veritable feast to the critters in your neighborhood. Mylar, a light-weight, durable polyester film that reflects light, can be added to a scarecrow in your garden to de... Read More »

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What is mylar used for?

Mylar is used in many different ways. Mylar is a polyester film that is used in emergency blankets to preserve body heat. Buttons, pins, ID badges and pre-paid phone cards have a protective mylar... Read More »

Can you sew Mylar?

You can sew Mylar with a sewing machine or by hand. To achieve the best results you should sew the Mylar to a stabilizing fabric such as felt. It's also wise to test the Mylar first to see if it is... Read More »

Who invented mylar?

The film division of DuPont developed Mylar in 1952. DuPont holds both the patent on the formula and the trademark on the name. Mylar is still widely used today for purposes ranging from food prepa... Read More »

How to Print on Mylar?

Mylar is the material used for balloons. It is possible to print directly onto the Mylar with an inkjet printer. This is a great way to customize your balloons. Many party planners will print famil... Read More »