How to Use My Mirrors When the Doors Are Off of My Wrangler?

Answer The Jeep Wrangler nameplate first appeared in 1987, although similar Jeep vehicles have been manufactured for decades. One of the features Wrangler owners love about their vehicles is the ability t... Read More »

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How to Put CJ7 Mirrors on a TJ Wrangler?

When Willys released the first CJ in 1944, it marked the birth of the modern day Jeep Wrangler. The CJ7 was later released in the 1970's and lasted nearly twenty years on the market before the Wran... Read More »

How to Add Mirrors to a Jeep Wrangler?

New Jeep Wranglers have a standard set of mirrors on the doors. If purchasing a used Wrangler, it is possible that the standard mirror set will be missing. The factory mirrors may continue to be us... Read More »

What do you use to keep shower doors and bathroom mirrors from steaming up?

Answer wash mirror with a foaming shave cream.....allow it to sit for a few minutes before rinsing off; Barbosal works great, don't know about the shower doors though.........maybe.

How to Take Off Jeep Wrangler Doors?

If you're ready to drive without the doors on your Jeep Wrangler, you don't need any special tools or materials to remove them. The Jeep Wrangler doors and roof can be removed within a few minutes,... Read More »