How to Use Music Legally for a Slideshow?

Answer If you want to use a favorite song in a slideshow, you need permission from the copyright holders. The Recording Industry Association of America says copying or distributing copyrighted music witho... Read More »

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How to Make Flash Slideshow With Music Using iPix Flash Slideshow Creator?

This flash slideshow tutorial is mainly about how to make flash slideshow with music step by step. Just with same digital photos and a flash slideshow creator software, you'll make a flash slidesho... Read More »

How to Add Music to a Slideshow CD?

Adding a soundtrack to a slideshow is one way of making it seem more exciting and professional. If your slideshow is already burned on to a CD, you cannot edit it to add music or any special effect... Read More »

How do I add music to a picture slideshow?

Create your picture slide show in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007. Select the slide you want the music to start on. Go to the "Insert" menu and move your cursor over "Movies and Sounds." If you have the ... Read More »

How do I make a picture slideshow with music?

Browse MusicSearch through the music in your computer's music library and save any tracks you want to use on your desktop as an MP3 file. You can either right-click the track, select "Save As" and ... Read More »