How to Use Multiple Worksheets for a PivotTable?

Answer PivotTable reports allow Excel users to create visualized summaries of their data. In its support documents, Microsoft explains that PivotTables derive their name from how a user can pivot the rows... Read More »

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What is a PivotTable report?

A PivotTable report is an interactive table that will extract, summarize and organize data. The data can come from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or from an external source. PivotTables are only ava... Read More »

How to Prepare a PivotTable?

PivotTables are a creation of Microsoft Excel. They allow users of MS Excel to organize large amounts of data in minutes. This is possible through the use of the PivotTable Wizard, which allows use... Read More »

How do I disable the functions of a PivotTable?

Disable FunctionsOpen the PivotTable in Microsoft Excel. Right-click on any cell within the table and select "PivotTable Options" from the menu. Select the "Display" tab and uncheck all of the avai... Read More »

How do I change row colors in PivotTable?

Microsoft Office Excel 2007Open the Excel PivotTable report you would like to format. Changing row colors in an Excel PivotTable report is referred to as "Banding." In order to "Apply Banding" you ... Read More »