How to Use Multiple Cams at Once?

Answer Have you looked at a sports picture or close-up picture of a wild animal and wondered: "how did they ever get that picture?" The photographer was likely using multiple cameras at the same time. Th... Read More »

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How to film multiple shots with multiple cameras and make it look in sequence and smooth?

Generally no. Occasionally when there are expensive effects like explosions where cars, buildings or other structures are destroyed they use multiple cameras. Minor stunts are rehearsed and planned... Read More »

How to Set Up a Computer With Multiple Independent Screens and Multiple Keyboards?

Supporting multiple users has often meant having a separate computer for each--that is, until the KVM switch was created. The switch allows you to plug in multiple input devices--keyboard, mouse--a... Read More »

Best web cams?

Just search ebay. I got a 4MP (!) webcam, with zoom, face tracking, and a focusing knob that can focus anywhere from its own lense to infinite, and it cost me £13! There are LOADS of them on ebay.

Is it better to have multiple channels or one channel with multiple playlists?

I recommend you separate the videos you submit with playlists. This allows you to gather more views and become better known. Because more subscribers and channel views people can find your videos e... Read More »