How to Use Monty's Liquid Fertilizer?

Answer Monty's Plant Food Company manufactures a few different types of liquid fertilizers under the brand name Monty's Root & Bloom. The Root & Bloom products can be applied at the soil/root level to enc... Read More »

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Analysis of Liquid Fertilizer?

Fertilizers play a tremendous role in the farming industry in America, protecting crops and plants from pestilence and keeping them vibrant and healthy. Farmers say liquid fertilizers are easy to u... Read More »

How to Calculate Liquid Fertilizer?

Gardeners usually measure liquid fertilizer in quarts or gallons but soil tests usually recommend fertilizer by weight. Fertilizer labels also list ingredients as a percentage of weight. You can't ... Read More »

How to Make a Worm Box and Liquid Fertilizer?

A semi automatic system for composting green waste and fertilizing your garden with a worm box.

Should a hydroseeder use granular or liquid fertilizer?

Liquid or granular fertilizers works in a hydroseeder. Liquid fertilizer works more quickly than granular fertilizer, but is also very expensive when it's needed to cover large areas. Granular fert... Read More »