How to Use Math in Medical Assisting?

Answer Math is used in every profession, and medical assisting is no exception. The four different settings to learn how to use math in medical assisting are administration, clerical, laboratory and clini... Read More »

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Colleges for Medical Assisting?

In clinics and doctors' offices across the country, medical assistants help provide administrative services and patient care. Some work primarily with patients, preparing them for examination or ta... Read More »

What Technology Is Used in Medical Assisting?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many medical assistants (MAs) perform both clerical and clinical duties. From computers to complex laboratory and surgical equipment, MAs use a variety ... Read More »

How the First Medical Assisting Started?

Medical assistants have a wide range of diversity in their jobs and are cross-trained to execute many administrative and clinical duties. Since its beginning, the role of the medical assistant has ... Read More »

When did medical assisting start?

Medical assisting began during World War II, when a nursing shortage forced doctors to train their secretaries to fill in for nurses who went to work in hospitals. Medical assistants perform duties... Read More »