How to Use Masks in Photos?

Answer Knowing how to use layer masks in Photoshop is important when you need to isolate one part of a photograph while hiding the rest. Using masks properly will ensure that the original image isn't perm... Read More »

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The screen wallpaper photos of underwater fish, are they computer enhanced or real photos do you think?

Memorable photos are deleted by formating my memory card in camera,can i getback the photos?

Whoops, that'll teach you.Very doubtful if you can retrieve them if you have formatted the card.but... try one of the recovery programmes which you can find on the web, depending on the type of for... Read More »

I have bought a printer and want to start printing photos. What kind of paper do you recommend for photos.?

C'mon ... how hard is that question to answer??? ... if you bake you use baking paper ... so for photo's guess what ... use photo paper.Ok sorry ... I've had my rant ... there's different weights o... Read More »

Google denied my removal requests of photos. Is this because the website these photos are originally from isnt?

If they are on my space don't just close the account, delete the photos Some sites like FB keep them in cache in hopes you reopen the account