How to Use Marvel Mystery Oil As a Motor Flush?

Answer Marvel Mystery oil was founded in 1923 by Burt Pierce in Chicago Illinois. Many vehicles at that time had ongoing problems with clogged carburetor jets due to poor refining processes. Marvel Myst... Read More »

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The Uses of Marvel Mystery Oil?

Marvel Mystery Oil, or MMO, is a product owned by Turtle Wax. It contains solvents that can be used as a fuel and oil additive. It dates back to 1923 and continues to be used today by to reduce e... Read More »

How to Use Marvel Mystery Oil?

Marvel mystery oil first came out in October 1923 to rid carburetors of deposits caused by unrefined gasoline. In World War II, Marvel mystery oil was actually used in ships, tanks, airplanes and o... Read More »

How to Add Marvel Mystery Oil to Transmissions?

Marvel Mystery Oil is an additive that was fist sold in 1923 through the Marvel Oil Company. It was created to clean the carburetors in engines made after World War I, as they would easily get clog... Read More »

Instructions for Use of Marvel Mystery Oil?

Marvel Mystery Oil originated in Chicago, Ill. in 1923. It was designed to clean film and deposits from carburetors, since the gasoline of the day had gone through a substandard refining process. W... Read More »