How to Use Marvel Mystery Oil As a Gas Stabilizer?

Answer Marvel Mystery Oil was first developed in the 1920s to keep engine carburetors and fuel systems clean and free of deposits created by heavily leaded gasoline. Though not exclusively marketed as suc... Read More »

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How to Use Marvel Mystery Oil?

Marvel mystery oil first came out in October 1923 to rid carburetors of deposits caused by unrefined gasoline. In World War II, Marvel mystery oil was actually used in ships, tanks, airplanes and o... Read More »

The Uses of Marvel Mystery Oil?

Marvel Mystery Oil, or MMO, is a product owned by Turtle Wax. It contains solvents that can be used as a fuel and oil additive. It dates back to 1923 and continues to be used today by to reduce e... Read More »

How to Add Marvel Mystery Oil to Transmissions?

Marvel Mystery Oil is an additive that was fist sold in 1923 through the Marvel Oil Company. It was created to clean the carburetors in engines made after World War I, as they would easily get clog... Read More »

Directions for Marvel Mystery Oil?

Marvel Mystery Oil is a fuel and oil additive that gives extra lubrication and protection to the fuel and oil systems. Marvel Mystery Oil was first designed to clean fuel deposits from automobile c... Read More »