How to Use Makeup to Turn a Boy Into a Girl?

Answer Over the past 50 years or so, gender lines in the United States have been blurred and, in some cases, nearly erased. Gone are the days of manly men and girly girls; from drag queens to bois, people... Read More »

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How to Turn Daytime Makeup Into Nighttime Makeup?

Do you go to work or school in the daytime? Drastic makeup looks may be frowned upon or distracting for the bright light, but during your nighttime activities its fine!  Take your simple daytime l... Read More »

Guys only please. Do u prefer a girl who wears makeup or no makeup?

No make up and if they have to use it very very little

GUYS: biggest turn ons & turn offs for a girl ?

I like it when a girl is nice to me/flirts with me/shows that she likes me. I hate it when a girl acts like a "b" word, has an attitude, is rude, and is contantly putting me down. Please rate if th... Read More »

Do you prefer a girl with no makeup on or tons of makeup?

the second girl wasnt wearing that much make up and i think she looked good