How to Use Makeup to Cover Up Age Spots?

Answer If you have yet to find a cream or serum that fades age spots to your satisfaction, don't despair. A few tweaks in your makeup regimen will not only cover your age spots, but also give you better l... Read More »

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How to Use Makeup to Cover Dark Spots?

Dark circles and discolored spots are some of the signs of aging that women experience as they get older. Aging skin heals and reacts to sunlight and free radicals differently than younger skin. Mo... Read More »

How To Cover Liver Spots?

The main cause of liver spots or age spots is sun damage. Decades of exposure to the sun without protection results in dark pigmented areas on the face, neck, hands and other exposed areas. Most pe... Read More »

How to Cover Age Spots on the Face?

Age spots---also known as solar lentigos, liver spots or sun spots---appear on the face as a result of sun damage, an upswing in melanin production as you grow older, changes in the liver's ability... Read More »

Ways to Cover Bald Spots?

Few people, male or female, relish the prospect of losing their hair or enjoy it when they notice a bald patch forming. Those unfortunate enough to find themselves in this predicament often choose ... Read More »