How to Use Makeup Brushes?

Answer Do you want flawless-looking makeup every day of the week? One of the easiest tricks is to use the right kind of makeup brush. Contrary to what some people think, you don't have to spend a lot of m... Read More »

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About Makeup Brushes?

Enhance your natural beauty with carefully and artistically applied makeup. Just as an artist needs paint and brushes, having the right cosmetics and applicators are key tools in your beauty routin... Read More »

How to fix my makeup brushes?

Try washing them and making sure the bristles aren't bent when they are drying. If they are still bent, I would just cut the bristles off instead of tweezing.

Makeup Brushes & Their Uses?

Applying makeup is an art form for many people and having the proper tools for makeup application makes all the difference. Makeup brushes come in a variety of styles and types; each one serves a s... Read More »

What Brushes Do I Need for Eye Makeup?

Proper makeup application requires the right tools, and eye makeup is no exception. Your eyeshadow palette may come with the same tiny sponge-on-a-stick every time, but what other accessories can ... Read More »