How to Use Magnets to Increase Seed Sprouting?

Answer Much research exists to demonstrate the positive effects of magnets and magnetic fields on plant growth and seed germination; even NASA conducts experiments to this end. It is also common practice ... Read More »

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I took out my tomato seed before sprouting...?

Your seed will be okay. Tomato plants have long roots. It won't be long before the true leaves form.

What is the sprouting of a seed called?

The sprouting of a seed is called germination. Germination generally occurs after a period of dormancy, but some vegetable seeds are immediately ready to sprout with the help of moisture and warm ... Read More »

How to Prevent Bird Seed From Sprouting?

Adding a bird feeder to your garden provides character and entertainment. You, your family, your guests and even your pets can enjoy hours watching all the wild birds nibbling at the seeds in your ... Read More »

How Much Does Pre-Seed Increase Your Chances of Conception?

Pre-Seed is the first personal lubricant designed specifically to increase the likelihood of conception. It achieves this by consisting of naturally occurring and nature-mimicking substances that c... Read More »