How to Use Magic Extractor in Photoshop 7?

Answer Photo composites, collages and other effects begin by extracting the subjects of the photos from their backgrounds. Photoshop Elements 7 incorporates the "Magic extractor" tool to help you make a p... Read More »

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How to Use a Screw Extractor?

A screw extractor setWhen a bolt or screw breaks off below the surface of the material it is threaded into, there is no way to grab it with skip joint or locking pliers to remove the remaining port... Read More »

How do I use a screw extractor set?

The DrillOpen up the chuck on your power drill. Insert the screw extractor bit, and tighten the chuck. Set the drill so that it is on reverse. Turn the speed down to the lowest setting.PositioningP... Read More »

What does win 32 cabinet extractor mean?

A cabinet file is a compressed archive file similar to a zip file. In Windows operating systems (win32), a cabinet extractor allows you to open the files contained within the archive. Windows 95, 9... Read More »