How to Use Macron on an iMac?

Answer In the midst of writing your paper on the influence of Latin on the modern Romantic languages, you panic because you do not know where to find the macron on the keyboard. Relax, modern technology h... Read More »

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For my graduation I am going to get an iMac. For owners of the iMac: Are you satisfied with the iMac?

My iMac is awesome. It is a 2GHz processor with 3GB memory. The screen is wonderful and very high-quality, and the operating system, of course, is the best in the business. You will love your iMac.... Read More »

IMac or PC ?

If cost is a high priority, then you will be able to get a PC that meets your needs your needs at a lower price than you’d pay for a Mac. For example:The HP DV7-1150 Read More »

Can I use an iMac as a DVR?

You can use an iMac as a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). To do this, you need an external TV tuner device and recording software. You may also need a video cable if you want to output video to a tele... Read More »

Is an iMac 64-bit?

Apple's Intel-based iMac comes with 64-bit and 32-bit processors. iMacs equipped with Intel Core Solo and Intel Core Duo processors utilize 32-bit technology. iMacs equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo, ... Read More »