How to Use Looping Backgrounds in PowerPoint?

Answer The standard backgrounds in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 are generally static as they are meant to simply provide a backdrop for your important information in the slide itself. If you want to use a mo... Read More »

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How do I use pictures as backgrounds in Microsoft PowerPoint?

Click on the "Design" tab and click "Background Styles." Select "Format Background." Click "Fill." Click "Picture or text fill." Find the picture and click "OK."Source:Microsoft Office: Add a Backg... Read More »

What kind of backgrounds do you like to put in your computer backgrounds?

I check out art online and choose my backgrounds from them.… Read More »

What do you mean by looping?

Looping is a list of instructions within a computer program in which the computer is performing a loop--an action that is repeated until the desired result is gotten or a specified number of action... Read More »

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Looping?

Looping refers to the function in samplers, guitar pedals and computer programs that allows you to continually repeat a given sample. It has revolutionized both recording techniques and live shows ... Read More »