How to Use Liquitex on Metal?

Answer When painting a metal surface with Liquitex acrylic paints, you'll need to perform a bit more prep work than that required with more porous surfaces. The smoothness of the metal can interfere with ... Read More »

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How to Use Liquitex on Brass?

Liquitex is a brand of acrylic paint that has been used by artists and hobbyists for decades. When painting Liquitex onto a brass surface, you must take special steps to ensure that the paint bonds... Read More »

Black metal/grind metal type lyrics, but NOT black metal/grind metal?

Who cares about lyrics in extreme metal? Weirdo.Try Ghost B.C

When stirring food in a metal pot without non-stick in it with a metal spoon, does it make your teeth hurt?

Oh man i know what u mean. That is a pain i the rear.

If you aren't supposed to heat metal in the microwave, how come the interior is made of metal?

The metal in a microwave oven does not react because the edges are smooth. You could place a plain spoon with Absolutely no decoration in a nuker and it will not spark. But if you place a fork in t... Read More »