How to Use Legos to Teach Pre-K to Third Grade?

Answer Legos are Danish-made toys that children use to build a variety of structures and simple machines and vehicles. They are popular among elementary school students, from pre-K to third grade. The man... Read More »

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How to Teach My Third-Grader to Read at Third-Grade Level?

States set content standards for each subject and for each grade level. Although content standards may differ somewhat from state to state, they generally cover the same basic skills. Reading, whic... Read More »

Idioms to Teach at the Third Grade?

Idioms are expressions that fall in to the category of figurative language, along with metaphor and similes. These expressions cannot be understood by simply knowing what each word in the expressio... Read More »

A Fun Way to Teach the Third Grade Rounding?

Rounding numbers is a method of estimating an answer to a math problem. (See References 1) Rounding helps solve math problems in your head, and helps third graders solve more complex problems. Roun... Read More »

How to Teach Temperature in the Third Grade?

Third-grade students should already understand the concepts of hot and cold, and the purpose of a thermometer to tell them the temperature. Now it is time to focus on both Fahrenheit and Celsius. W... Read More »