How to Use Lapel Pins to Hold Eyeglasses?

Answer Lapel pins come in a variety of decorative designs and colors. Beyond decoration and identification these accessories do not traditionally have utilitarian purposes. However, there is a growing var... Read More »

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What lapel pins do they wear on fox nfl?

The Fox NFL on-air personalities wear pins to show the network's support for the Children's Health Fund. The Children's Health Fund is a charitable organization that tries to get health care to nee... Read More »

The History of Lapel Pins?

Sometimes they are worn simply as ornaments, but lapel pins can often mean much more, sometimes worn to show your military rank or government post and other times a sign of membership in an exclusi... Read More »

How do I wear lapel pins?

Wear a lapel pin to work. For a work environment, keep the lapel pin sleek. Your lapel pin can represent an organization, but keep it fairly safe for work, avoiding representing political or religi... Read More »

What Are the Different Types of Military Lapel Pins?

U.S. Military lapel pins can mean several different things. They can signify what branch of the military the wearer is or has served in, they can signify that they have distinguished a certain meda... Read More »