How to Use Kanji on MSN Messenger?

Answer In order to use the Japanese Kanji writing system in MSN Messenger, you have to modify your computer to allow it to use Japanese text. There is no need for a specific keyboard or Japanese keyboard;... Read More »

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Types of Kanji?

Kanji refers to the Japanese writing system that uses Chinese writing characters, hanzi. The characters first appeared in China during the Shang or Yin Dynasty, around 1600 BC, and later came to Ja... Read More »

Kanji Tattoo Ideas?

"Kanji" is the Japanese word for the written language characters used in Japanese--specifically, those taken from the Chinese system of writing. Exotic-looking to most Western eyes, kanji are a pop... Read More »

How to Read & Write Kanji?

Learning a language that has a writing system that is different from English might be daunting to some, but it really is just a matter of getting used to the new system. Japanese has multiple writi... Read More »

How to Learn Japanese Kanji Using Your iPhone?

Now you can test your Japanese skills using your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Whether you are in classroom, traveling, waiting or studying, use your time for JLPT Kanji study. Fidel had launched this uniq... Read More »