How to Use Java Vectors?

Answer In the Java programming language, the built-in Vector class implements a thread-safe sequence containing a variable number of objects. Unlike conventional arrays -- for which the capacity must be k... Read More »

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What are vectors ?

The word "vector" derives from the Latin word for carrier, "vehere," which itself uses the Latin verb "vect," which means "to carry." Depending on the context, the word can have a number of meaning... Read More »

Does the Java Virtual Machine Make Java More or Less Secure From a System Security Perspective?

The Java virtual machine is a computer simulated in software. When you run a Java program, your computer runs the virtual machine and the virtual machine runs the program. The design of the Java vi... Read More »

I'm trying to play chess on yahoo and it says I need java script and flash player 7. How do I get the Java?

Usually there will be a prompt when you play the chess game saying you have to download either one. If you do not get a prompt, you might have to download it manually at one or both of the followi... Read More »

How to Add or Subtract Vectors?

Three forces, typical examples of vectorsVectors are physical quantities that consist of a magnitude as well as a direction, for example velocity, acceleration, and displacement, as opposed to scal... Read More »