How to Use Italics in CSS?

Answer When creating a website and filling it with content, there are a number of different ways to customize your copy and make it stand out. One way to emphasize the text on your site is to use font sty... Read More »

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How to Use Italics?

Not sure when to use italics? This quick and easy guide will have you up to scratch in no time. This article is guided by the Oxford English Dictionary, the Penguin Guide to Punctuation and Lynne T... Read More »

How to Type in Italics?

An italicized font typeset has a distinctive right slant, enabling a writer to set words or phrases apart from the rest of the typed words. Most word processing programs and text editors enable ita... Read More »

How to Use Italics on an iMac?

If you have seen text that is in italics and wondered, "How the heck can I do that on my iMac?" Well, I can tell you a couple different ways.

How to Use Italics in Essays?

It is important to know how and when to use the appropriate punctuation and techniques while writing an essay. Sometimes knowing when and how to use italics can be a little confusing. Once you know... Read More »